Sunday, 31 December 2006

Pork Pie Year 2006 Review

Now we have all the scores in, I can announce our top 5 pies of 2006:
  1. Mrs. King’s Melton Mowbray pie sampled on 26th November
  2. Dickinson & Morris Melton Mowbray pie sampled on 3rd September
  3. Hempnall Butchers sampled on 27th August
  4. Cley Deli pork pie sampled on 26th November
  5. Jarrold’s Deli pie sampled on 29th October
A great pie munching year!

Pie Master

Sunday, 17 December 2006

R T Harvey Ltd

Organic pies were the order of the day from Harvey's in Grove Road. These were consumed in Gunton and were Delicious, however their dark meat filling was like a coarse paté and tasted more like a game pie than a pork pie. The pastry was good too, but not being the the ideal pork pie it scored a respectable 7.5 with a high standard deviation of 1.26491.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Bystanders Christmas meal

Sunday 10th was the Bystanders Christmas meal at the Barford Cock, so no Pork Pie tasting again this week.

Sunday, 3 December 2006


Josie provided the pies on the first Sunday of December, these were from Emery's the butcher in Market Street, North Walsham. The pies were consumed after a walk spanning both sides of the A146, Lowestoft Road. The footpath by the side of the Gull Inn had going through a farm had been purposely blocked and the signage moved - this was later reported to the footpath officer. I don't recall much about the small hand raised pies, other than they scored a very respectable normalised 8. Following the walk, we took a drive past the small, 20,000 gallon, disused 1952 water tower that former Bystander, Bernard O'Brian, had hoped to purchase from Anglian Water. We met a group of walkers coming in the opposite direction and I had a mardle with one of them about this and other local towers to the disbelief of his fellow walkers!