Sunday, 25 November 2007

Thornton’s Chocolate Birthday cake

Sunday 25th November we walked from Honningham and as it was Josie’s birthday, she bought beers at the Ugly Bug – the Ugly Bug Ale was quite a hit. On returning to Honningham, we had Canap├ęs and Cava followed by Thornton’s Chocolate Birthday cake rather than a pie (at Josie’s request) much to the disappointment of Paul Pac-Soo.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Tavern Tasty Meats

A wet walk on Sunday 18th from Rollesby, thankfully produced a dog friendly pub in Martham, where we enjoyed a good pint and Giada got treats from the landlady. The walk unfortunately did not provide good views of the futuristic “space rocket” water tower at Martham, just 40,000 gallons at TG 45926 19003. Returning to Rollesby we sampled a pie from the Sausage Shop in Holt, who sell “Tavern Tasty Meats”. We actually tried one of these pies a year ago, on the 17th of November 2006! This was sourced from Wymondham Farmer’s Market by Ricky. Our pie scored a very respectable 8.9 with a standard deviation of 0.65912; previously Tasty Tavern’s offering scored a spot on 8.5 with a standard deviation of 0.83666 (we sampled smaller pies last year, so a higher pastry to meat ratio). So a consistent showing for Tavern Tasty Meats with a normalised score of 9. The 1960's “space rocket” water tower at Martham that we didn't get a good view of. A small, 40,000 gallon tank, at TG 45926 19003.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Banham’s of Gloucester Street

I was back for the second tasting session after the wombling good walk around Great Hockam, finding quite a few cans along the way. Stopping at the Eagle public house where they didn’t allow the dogs in, their outside bin yielded another ten cans. As we got back to Great Hockam Forrest the can collecting notched up a couple of gears, filling the first carrier bag and requiring a second. Don also found a car battery – luckily for Don this was near to the end of the walk and had a carrying handle. We were well served for the pie tasting by the provision of a picnic table. The pies this week were small pork pies with a good appearance from Banham’s the butcher in Gloucester Street. The pastry was very good and the greyish filling did the business but not exceptional giving an average score of 7.88888 with a standard deviation of 0.65085, so that’s a normalised 8 for Banham’s.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

G. Morris and Sons, Fat Cat public house

While I was in search of non-existent Water Towers in sunny Jersey, Don did us proud and produced two different pork pies! He also did an excellent job of recording the scores. After a walk around Bacton wood, the pie munchers gave their verdict at Briggate on a pie from G. Morris & Sons on the Heartseas: This scored 7.916666 with a standard deviation of only 0.37638. The second pie from the Fat Cat public house did slightly better scoring spot on 8 with a slightly higher standard deviation of 0.44721. So that’s a normalised 8 for both the pies. (A G. Morris & Sons pie was last sampled on 21st January this year, scoring a 7.5 and we sampled a Fat Cat pie on the 20th May when it scored an 8).