Sunday, 15 November 2009

Select Meats

Another new pie for us this week, from Select Meats of Loddon – source of the Aberdeen Angus and Stilton pie last month. This week the Pie Master had to double up as Walk Master and tea boy. A Boldero walk from Wacton common to Great Moulton and Wacton was extended to six miles to take in the two parish churches. The Pie Master missing the details about parking by the common, elected to start by Wacton church.
All Saints church was locked and had no scratch dials, so we set off south towards the common, with views of Long Stratton water tower on our left. We crossed the common with cows grazing, then continued south towards Pulham Market water tower. At about the two-mile point, we turned west for about a mile and then turned north up Narrowgate Way. We reached Great Moulton and had lunch by the village sign, at just over four miles. A short walk to the lovely Fox and Hounds, where the Adnams was in exceptional condition. Now our troubles began, as we headed for the church and the group of 12 + Bert and Harris got spread out: The speed-walking girls and dogs at the front (with no map), the can collectors at the rear, and the rest of the group spread out in-between. The Pie Master’s very loud whistle came out several times! We reached St. Michael’s church finding it open and having one scratch dial. When it was time to move on, we were two people short – the can collectors had walked past the church and had decided to turn south! The group retraced its steps and the Pie Master gave blasts on his whistle – the can collectors made their way back to the group. Making our way north east back to the cars, we crossed meadows with horses and in a meadow without; Bert caught and killed a rabbit! Tea was taken in the churchyard, a bench seat acting as a table - we had parked by the road and on the huh. Moroccan style and a Lemon & Coriander Houmous, Scottish Smoked Mackerel and Scottish Crab Pâté with celery formed our first course. The pies when cut revealed a nicely jellied pink filling. The crust was tasty and crisp, being wrapped in paper bags rather than plastic. The filling was very smooth – almost Pâté like and flavoursome. Although I personally thought this was a very good pie, some however were disappointed, resulting in a mediocre score of 7.13636 with a high standard deviation of 1.26671. So a normalised score of 7 for Select Meats of Loddon. Shortbread followed the pies as the final course.