Sunday, 13 February 2011

A & G Butchers, Attleborough

We sample new pork pies this week: pies from A & G Butchers of Attleborough. To get ourselves ready to judge these porky delights we headed to Acle to repeat a walk we did four and a bit years ago. That walk was the first outing of Keith’s new puppy, Coffee, who had to be carried for the last half. Parking in the lay-by, by the bridge over the River Bure, we headed east down Stokesby New Road to Muck Fleet, to then head north. The Walk Master took us along the footpath on the east bank that became increasingly overgrown with brambles. After about a quarter of a mile we decided to turn back and then head north via the footpath on the west bank. We followed this until a footbridge allowed us to cross the water and then follow the south bank of New Muck Fleet a little way. Then we headed south by footpaths, reaching Stokesby. Here we headed up the hill in the biting wind to reach St. Andrew’s church. Here we sheltered in the porch to eat lunch. No scratch dials were found on this church, and the church itself was locked, so we made our way down to the river and along it to the Ferry Inn for pints of Adnams and welcome warmth. The route back to the cars followed the footpath along the north bank of the River Bure – we ignored the footpath closure notice, which had been imposed for health & safety while vegetation was being cut back – there was no work being carried out today. We returned to the cars by the busy road, and then drove to the War Memorial Recreation Ground to sample the pies. When cut the pie released little aroma and there was no jelly. The piecrust was soft, despite being stored in a paper bag, but the meat filling was tasty, with or without mustard. This pie was rated very diversely, resulting in a very high standard deviation of 1.33631. It did come through with a respectable score of 7.07143. We then had canap├ęs: this week pickled quails eggs – very tasty. We finished with M&S Stem Ginger cookies. So a normalized score of 7 for A & G Butchers pies, from whose web site we see are supplied by Brookstreet Foods in Needham Market.